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Welcome to our career site

Heartspace in numbers

published articles in high profile earned media coverage during Heartspace initial trials with a small selection of alfa-testing users

During the first year of the platform Heartspace users have reached tens of millions of people in both regional, national and international outlets

Heartspace raised 4,5 million SEK before the release of chat-GPT and is a "pre-hype" AI-company.

Meet our users, Leo Sjökvist

Meet our users, Jessica Löfström

Meet our users, Pål Carlsson

Our team

  • Sohrab Fadai has a well-rounded background which includes five years as the regional director for Entrepreneurs in Dalarna, a PR consultant with Westander, an analyst at Sweden Research, and Chairman of the Young Entrepreneurs of Sweden. He has experience with strategy and leadership from his work on governmentally appointed boards. His educational background includes a bachelor's degree in rhetoric from Uppsala University. Since 2021 Sohrab has studied generative AI and is a self-taught developer.

    Sohrab Fadai

    Founder, CTO and CO-CEO

  • Nirvana has extensive experience working with issues related to the connection between entrepreneurship and the education system. She is adept at producing concepts, strategies, and content for social media. Initially, she is a photographer and has had exhibitions in museums and assignments for companies and organizations over a decade. Nirvana has also worked at Dalarna Science Park for five years, where she, among other things, led projects focused on collaboration between the education system and the business sector.

    Nirvana Gharni

    Founder, CO-CEO & CMO

  • Andreas Janland is a full-stack developer and a digital designer. His background in both web development and communications puts him in a great position to help any business create digital products. Andreas has done great work for some of Swedens finest ad agencies on digital projects of all shapes and sizes and is responsible for the development of the user experience in our product.

    Andreas Janland

    Full-stack developer and digital designer

  • Mattias Areskog has a rich background from renowned outlets such as Svenska Dagbladet, Dagens Nyheter, and TT. Mattias served as Greenpeace's communications and press officer and worked with advocacy and press relations in climate, environment, and sustainability at the PR agency Westander. He also has experience as a communicator at the Swedish governmental level. Mattias has graduated from the Stockholm School of Journalism. He freelances for Heartspace on a regular basis since 2022.

    Mattias Areskog

    PR expert and journalist

  • Jenny Asp is an ace at producing and scrutinizing texts. She is one of the regular language reviewers on several of Heartspace's projects and is exceptionally meticulous, with a keen eye for details. Regarding text production, her focus is on plain language and creating content that is intriguing, easy to comprehend, and offers value to the reader. Jenny holds a Master's in Swedish from Uppsala University. She has freelanced for Heartspace on a recurring basis since 2021.

    Jenny asp

    Copywriter and proofreader

Workplace & Culture